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Blind Prophet Review (2020)

Half adventure game, half graphic novel, The Blind Prophet is an interesting ride once it gets going.


The best part of The Blind Prophet was the story. The game takes place in a corrupted, demon infested coastal town. Where the protagonist, a 2000-year old demon hunter, is tasked with a simple goal: send all the demons back where they belong. If possible, in tiny pieces. Equipped with his trustworthy sword we are doing exactly that. Character-wise we met a lot of interesting characters during our 8 hour adventure, and the only downer was that I wished I found out more about the life of the apostle and what his past had been prior to the events in the game.

Throughout our adventure the story covers some serious topics, but with a sprinkle of humor and actually a lot of philosophy thrown into the mix. Even gets kind of emotional towards the end. The plot had some interesting turns, but after hitting major plot points the ending felt a bit rushed. I really do wish there was more to the game, because I was really into the story and aesthetic.

Neat graphics – I am a big fan of blood and gore and The Blind Prophet certainly delivered. It reminded me of some old school comics like Spawn or Lobo. Definitely not a kids game.

The game has a brilliant art style, and while much of the game takes place in dark and grimy places, the game uses bold, saturated colors with lots of detail in scenes. Most scenes are also drawn as if looking through a fish-eye lens, giving an other-worldly feeling when combined with the color scheme.

There’s some amazing background art here, and the sprawling city shows that someone took a lot of love and care there. The music is also heavily reminiscent of 90s techno and atmospheric stuff, which I’m down for.

This feels like a passion project, and the credit sequence only listing about 4 people proves it. It’s an impressive work for just a few people, but it’s not without its flaws.

“I am a big fan of blood and gore and The Blind Prophet certainly delivered. It reminded me of some old school comics like Spawn or Lobo.”

The puzzles were refreshing, but simple. Still enough to keep me satisfied for a relaxing playthrough. On the plus side: the developers didn’t create just one type of puzzle and rolled with it, they mixed it up and added a variety of different brain trainings.

There were a few minor annoyances with some of the puzzles like not being able to do what you want to do before having clicked on the right item or talked to the right person. It can cause some confusion, when you had the right idea all along, but weren’t able to execute it at first.

There are some intentional misspellings throughout the game related to the story, but the rest of the game is also littered with typos, missing or extra words and misspellings, but I still definitely recommend playing this, if you like point & click adventures that bring something new and fresh to the table.

The game is a perfect combination of point and click quests, mystery solving and a great deal of old-school mini games! I loved every and each one of these aspects of The Blind Prophet. I adore the comics-style art, and the music was completely in tune with the story.


A dark horror murder mystery wrapped up in a moody point and click adventure. Definitely worth experiencing. I ended up getting about 8 hours playtime out of it. Hope we see another plot about the Apostle in a post-apocalyptic environment!


Platforms: PC, Steam

Developers: ARS GOETIA

Publishers: ARS GOETIA

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