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Hidden gems on Playstation 5 | PS4 backward compatible games you might have missed

Playstation 5 Demon Souls

With the PS5 out in a few days and pretty interesting but small launch line up, it´s time to think about which games to play after we finished our first run of Demon Souls and finally played Bloodbourne in 60 FPS (*wishful thinking*) nevertheless with 99% of PS4 library being backwards compatible, we have a huge pool of games to choose from. And here are my Top 10 PS4 games to play with the extra power of the Playstation 5

Hidden Horror Games You Might Have Missed

remothered game review

With the final hours of this generation coming closer. It´s the perfect time to count down the most horrifying gaming experiences I had on my PS4. The creepiest and darkest games that give you goosebumps while playing and haunt you even after you finished them.