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Eyo guys! How are you doing? We all know Resident Evil 4 and Counter Strike 2 but today we are talking about 10+ indie games that you need to play!

As always…grab yourself some pizza kick back and make yourself comfortable and let´s get the kick out of gaming

Lizards Must Die

When I was browsing the steam store I stumbled upon this weirdly intriguing game, that had me hooked with it´s nice cover art and fun looking gameplay video! 

And yeah, after booting it up it´s exactly that: an insanely unpolished work of art!

We play as on of 3 medieval Russians that have to fight of the invasion of the lizard people (and aliens)

I mean there is not much backstory to deal with! Choose a character and: BOOM! you are dropped into in medieval times!

Ready to explore the open levels and cut some green skin folks into pieces. The gameplay is pretty jank, but in fun way. Reptile goons flying all over the place when you time your hits right and most of the time it´s a wild insane mess, all while some of the wildest underground phonk techno is playing.

It´s kinda hard to explain the appeal of this game without playing it! It´s takes me back to the good early days of the internet, where you could find random flash games that made absolutely no sense but where a ton of fun to play and in essence that is Lizards must die!

I would say you can get a few hours of mindless entertainment out of this game. It´s easy pick up and play non sense with a over the top ragdoll physics and sometimes that´s enough! 

But if you need a game with a bit more meat then check out…

Beyond Sunset

Beyond Sunset is a Stylish Action cyberpunk-themed FPS / Hack and Slash action game with a great retro look.

We play as Lucy, an amnesiac cyber-samurai who is awakened from cryostasis by a mysterious female voice.  You can’t remember Your name, your identity… and The mysterious voice asks only for a small favor:

In order to regain our memory we have to carry out violent revenge against a crime syndicates, and in return, she will restore your memories and identity…sounds like a sweet deal to me!!!!

So we are thrown into a futuristic semi open world map filled with a few NPCs and a ton of evil syndicate members waiting to be cut to pieces.

We can blast those goons with all kinds of weapons but once we get close it´s time to use our katana extensively. We can even reflect bullets with it. Overall the gameplay had a nice flow going from shooting to first person hack & slash in an instance.

There is a general hub area where we can interact with npcs, learn more about the world and get our missions. The cyberpunk setting is really well done and I had a great time exploring the levels without ever feeling lost.

And beyond sunset really hit the retro vibes just right! I think it´s made with an upgraded version of the og Doom engine…that´s freaking amazing if true.

The one thing that  did that put me off was after playing the first episode or first couple of levels and coming to the evil HQ the gameplay and enemy design changed drastically! And not to my liking at the end of the game it became a horde mode style game….some might like that but for me the first few areas of the game where perfectly fine…and that´s just my taste…

But that´s a minor flaw and overall, I had a blast with this game! The gameplay is fluid and fun and I´m a sucker for well thought out cyberpunk games with great synth soundtracks.

The synthwave soundtrack perfectly complements the cyberpunk atmosphere, immersing us in a retro-futuristic world.

So if this sounds like you kind of thing that check out Beyond Sunset….and if you still haven´t had enough cyberpunk gameplay yet…then check out …..


Deadlink is a relentless arena-based FPS with rogue-lite elements. I know….. Indie games and their weird gameplay terms: What that means is you are a guy controlling a terminator exo skelton, which is dropped into arena like levels where you must jump, dive, and shoot your way to victory. We tag goons with certain abilities that make them loot pinata. In fact, the basic loop is encouraging you to push forward and explode things and that´s always a blast.

However, death is guaranteed, and failure is all but assured. with every run we become stronger, faster, and wiser. The core design forces us to play aggressive, and proactive. Managing health is crucial, making you think and plan.

There are different terminators or character classes to unlock, but I found the starting one with the shotgun and rocket launcher worked best for me!

The only downside is that it has a completely unwanted and for me un-necessary roguelite thing crafted to it where when you die, you go back to the first level….pay for a few upgrades, and dive back in again. This is not, fundamentally, a bad idea, but in this case I would have liked at least some check points…maybe every 10th level or so….

Overall, Deadlink is addictive and fun in short burst…dive in an hour or two and have a good time….if you’re just after a game where the only goal is a high score and unlocking new guns, then Deadlink more than delivers on that.

And after you are done with just boot up the next game on this list….

Scrap Riders (PC, Nintendo Switch)

In this Retro 2D point and click adventure with a twist, we play as Rast, a member of the Scrap Riders, a small biker gang trying to get a name for themselves in the post-apocalyptic desert wasteland. Alongside Rast is our robot companion and comedic sidekick 50N1. Together, they must make a special delivery across the wasteland.

I have to say when it comes to point and click adventures I´m really picky…but Scrap Riders is an easy choice for action fans like myself….because there are beat ’em-up elements mixed into the whole thing, so we are going through various levels and talking with NPCs and solving small puzzle, but as you might expect sometimes we have to make an arguments with our first and that means, it´s arcade fighting time!

We use punches and kicks to chain combos, or us environmental objects to bring the heat.

Rast can even use his gun and fire bullets at his enemies, but this is like a last chance cause ammo is limited in the desert wasteland

This mix of point & click and beat’em works surprisingly well. The puzzles are not too hard and the action phases are fun & dynamic. The story and characters are charming and some of the dialogs in this game are hilarious

While Scrap Riders doesn’t do anything revolutionary, the gameplay is incredibly fun and solid and with its self-aware humor, it is a compelling little title that’s just a little rough around the edges, and but overall, I had a blast playing it.

The next game on this list has less action but a great story to compensate for it…

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